Kyle Wohlmut

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Services: NL>EN translation, DE>EN translation, copy editing
Specialized in: legal translation (litigation, contract law), academic writing, tech industry, culinary, profanity

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Kyle provides a unique combination of creative feel and flair for language with hard experience and training in legal translation, technical writing and administration. A Silicon Valley native who’s seen the tech industry from the inside, he draws on his passion for language, aesthetics and perfection (as attested to by his studies in literature and former career as a professional musician) to give even the most legal and technical texts the polished shine and pizzazz of a finished work of art. He is equally at home with demanding content requiring technical perfection (contracts, user guides, financial reporting, academic works) as with softer texts that have to strike just the right tone (marketing texts, speeches, texts in art & design (and yes, he’s translated a complete novel)). He has an eye for the arts and has produced English-language content for a number of notable Dutch creatives, including Sylvia Witteman and Janne Schra. Since leaving his native California, he has lived in both the Netherlands and Germany.