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Shaun Lavelle

Services: English copyediting, proofreading and copywriting
Specialized in: journalism, social justice, academic writing, technology, environment, philosophy

Shaun is a talented English-language copyeditor, author’s editor and writer with eight years of professional experience in the field, most recently as senior editor for The Correspondent. In the words of one of his colleagues at that newspaper: “Shaun is a calm, thoughtful editor who respects the writer’s work whilst always looking for ways to lean into how to make any non-fiction or journalistic text read smoother, with more intellectual rigour all while preserving the voice of the original. This can often be a tricky task but I was always impressed by how Shaun struck the right balance in his relationships with editors. Much of that comes from how dedicated he is to the written word in general as you can see from his reading, but also from his time working in teaching and with NGOs.”

Shaun studied English and philosophy in Dublin before settling in the Netherlands. He lectured in English at the University of Amsterdam for five years, worked as an editor at the chemical weapons watchdog, and was senior editor and the linchpin of the newsroom for the English-language edition of The Correspondent until it shut down in December 2020. If you’d like Shaun to work with you on polishing your text to perfection, email him here.