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The Language Collective: TLC for your texts

The select group of language professionals you see here specialize in translating, editing and writing English and Dutch texts for a diverse clientele. Our collaborative ventures are based on shared values of professional quality, personal accountability and creative collaboration. Each of us has a flourishing freelance practice of our own, but if you’re looking for a team of experts to handle a bigger project, we’d be delighted to discuss options.

Joy Phillips

Services: NL>EN translation, copyediting, copywriting, Dunglish rescue, certified translation
Specialized in: climate, environment, tech & innovation, architecture & infrastructure, creative design
Joy’s portfolio Joy on LinkedIn

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Michael Blommaert

Services: NL>EN and EN>NL translation
Specialized in: IT, entertainment, legal, psychology, HR, creative storytelling, marketing

Michael’s website Michael on LinkedIn

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Kyle Wohlmut

Services: NL>EN translation, DE>EN translation, copy editing
Specialized in: legal translation (litigation, contract law), academic writing, tech industry, culinary, profanity
Kyle by email / Kyle on LinkedIn

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Laura van Staveren

Services: NL>EN and EN>NL translation
Specialized in: technical, chemical, medical, pharma; technical and practical applications of Dutch and European regulations (no legal translations!)
LS Edits / Laura by email /Laura on LinkedIn / Laura on ProZ

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Colby Dunn

Services: NL>EN translation, copywriting, copyediting, transcription
Specialized in: journalism, creative storytelling, public relations, marketing, academic editing
Colby at The Niche Editorial / Colby on LinkedIn

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Nicole van Overveld

Services: NL copyediting & copywriting, EN>NL and NL>EN translation, online content
Specialized in: financial, marketing & advertising, user experience, corporate identity, non-profit, technical, literary
Van Overveld taal en tekst / Nicole on LinkedIn

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Shiva Jeet Singh

Services: NL>EN and SE>EN translation.
Specialized in: cultural and culinary translations, especially related to tourism and travel in northern Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia.
Shiva at The Seventh Owl

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